Saturday, January 12, 2008


Lastly, i've created a blogger account. Happy, and this is the first time im using blogger. I just want to have a try and want to figure out something new here.

For more information, my first blog account is in xanga, my second blog account also in xanga, my third blog account in xanga too and my fourth account is in BLOGGER!! yeah, lastly i decided to have a change. It's same like human, we have to change from time to time become more and more mature.

Moreover, i like music very much!! Music heal my soul!! Besides, i'm prefer to play bass guitar rather than other instrument. I major in Bass Guitar and know some basic skill in drum and violin. Bass guitar is fun and it's like bass is like the "base" of the melody. Music without bass is like life without soul. That's why i like bass very much.

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