Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sungai Lembing-Part 4

Behind the scene:

Sungai Lembing-Part 3

Lembing secondary school

rowie:shh... keep quite plz...

The village of the Sungai Lembing

ling ming mee!! It's a MUST to have a try

Sungai Lembing-Part 2

The Beauty Of The Nature:-

Sungai Lembing-Part 1

1 November 2008

I arrived the TOP of the Bukit Lembing!!

On The Way Hiking Bukit Lembing

L: U can't c me.... wakkkakakak...
i will follow u~~(digi theme song)

AAAAhhhHAHHHHHHhh....... (release stress)

Honey, I want a house over there...( c&p from rowie)

Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2

david, kai, L, kelvin, rowie, chi hui, ASH, Firdaus, Too (Orchestra Members)

Sunday, November 9, 2008


It's such a complicated feeling...

i can feel tears in my eyes...

i try and try to control my emotion on the way back to university from church....

the dialog is similar like:-

david: bye simon, c u one and half month later... time flies very fast 1. :D (with a happy feeling.)

simon: bye bye..... c u. count down together for next year ah!!

david: ok!! hey pastor ben, c u one and half month later...

ps ben: c u, but may be not half month later.....

david: y?? one month later i back can meet again ah!

ps ben: coz may be i will transfer to other church (upgrade).... but depend on the thursday meeting decision.

david: (suddenly change the emotion... tears in my eyes) oooo.... ok.... bye c u..... hope can c u again.....

I really sad when heard he said he will/may be leave kuatan....
y sad?
coz he is the one who teach me a lot of bible knowlege, how to pray and how to lead through leadership. . besides, he can give sermon very well and funny, talent in piano, bass, drum etc.

Like him very much!! he just like my brother....

the only thing i can do for him is pray.... pray for his future
and hope can meet him again! :)