Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sungai Lembing-Part 1

1 November 2008

I arrived the TOP of the Bukit Lembing!!

On The Way Hiking Bukit Lembing

L: U can't c me.... wakkkakakak...
i will follow u~~(digi theme song)

AAAAhhhHAHHHHHHhh....... (release stress)

Honey, I want a house over there...( c&p from rowie)

Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2

david, kai, L, kelvin, rowie, chi hui, ASH, Firdaus, Too (Orchestra Members)


Rowan said...

It was such a great hike, a awesome experience to share with such great pals!

Anonymous said...

hey! why take d c/p from rowie? same sentence my god! make ur own dialogue la haha... kiddin~

a diff way of presenting the Sg.Lembing 4 Parts :wink:

david said...

haha, such a good memory that i wil remember forever especially stung by the bad bee :D

Ash, then i should say... (let me think 1st) *now at airport.... waiting for check-in. if got chance on9 at kk then continue the dialog la :P
Gonna mizz u all!!~

Anonymous said...

gonna miss d terror photographer too *sob*