Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sungai Lembing-Part 2

The Beauty Of The Nature:-


Rowan said...

Yeah the snapshots of nature are so beautiful...yet they can't compare to the real thing! Kudos to you, David, your photos are really amazing! ;)

Anonymous said...

yes ur photo capture techniques seriously nice!
keep it up d good work~
i hope can see more of ur art piece nex time~
(p/s: must send to me ya hehe)

david said...

thanks rowan and ash.... i will keep improve!! next time must go sungai lembing again :D Ash... must join us again next time ah!! :P
yup, original view c by own eyes nicer than snapshots :D

Anonymous said...

hahha i hope i got that chance too...
yaya as kelvin said: those view cannot be capture, real one only can goes into eyes...so just train ur brain to remember those fantastic view!