Thursday, July 8, 2010

Timetable out!

Done! This is my latest timetable for this coming semester.Yeah, i had put in my favorite activity, sport in schedule! Love sport very much. Love to have Healthy lifestyle. Besides, I need to have devotion in every early morning except Saturday will be delay to 8am. ( weekend O! ^^) Others still maintain the same, cell group preparation, cell group, myf, church time are all maintain. Yup, it's a blessing for me coz of my last semester in ump still can be pack with church activities. For sure, it will consume many hours but love it very much. I prefer to learn and grow rather than stay at room play games & fb etc. yeah, still remember last time Stephanie told us tat the worship peoples is the most passionate peoples. Worship makes us look youngest too. haha


cy said...

glad tat u give many time 4 our God father~~
jiayou ya!!

david said...

haha...十分之一的时间也该给神的啊 :) 一起加油!~ :D