Friday, October 24, 2008

Bassist in Kuantan methodish church, last sunday, 19/10/2008

I love to play bass guitar very much!!
The songs tittle for last sunday :-

1) mengejar hadirmu

2) 你配得/ni pei de

3) 你是弥赛亚/ni shi mi sai ya

4) 全能圣洁主/quan neng sheng jie zhu

5) 我的神,我的父,我的磐石/wo de shen, wo de fu, wo de pan shi

I can't say I can play very well that day, but I do my BEST already.

It's not only play for the church members but the most important is to play for GOD and to worship HIM.

I'm so glad that I can become the bassist last Sunday. This is the first time I play bass for sunday service in kuantan methodish church and I so proud of it!

yeah, I still need to improve it!! IMPROVE IT!!


rowan said...

Nice photo! Heheh got recording? :)

david said...

no recording o.... but if got recording also kenot let rowanlim listen.. haha, coz u can hear which part i had made mistake. haha.... kenot!!~ :P