Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Sarawak trip

extremely delicious and tasty KAM PUA!!~


my favourite cafe!~

Poster for Curtin Sarawak!

The highest building in SIBU->PARKSON!!~

Rev. James Matthew

Twinkle twinkle little STAR!~


Birthday celebration

halllo~~~ salike~

my senior's church in sibu


aMMerZ said...

heLOO..david..when actually u having the Sarawak Trip?? u should tell me..guess next time i should visit there~hehe!

david said...

hey!! sorry for late reply!!~
long time dint update my blog already.
sarawak..... actally not much place to play wor... But most important is EAT! there are food everywhere that we can't find in other state.... Sarawak food very Nice, Delicious and CHEAP!!~ hahaha

Suburbanzero said...

ahah...found your blog. ;)

david said...

waw, jamil!! so surprise u r here!! :D
thanks for visiting :P

Rwi Hau said...

is that the famous noodles everyone here has been talking about, the KAM PUA? i had the chance to taste it in gelang patah, johor. the restaurant owner is a sarawak native. and the noodles tasted a li'l weird to be honest but otherwise ok.